Fight in Gujarat between 'Satya and Asatya' : Rahul Gandhi

ANI | Updated: Nov 02, 2017 22:53 IST

Nana Pondha (Gujarat) [India], November 2 (ANI): Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said the fight in Gujarat is between Satya (truth) and Asatya (lie).

Alleging that the truth of Gujarat and of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is different, Gandhi said, "Truth of Gujarat is one thing and truth of the BJP (presented by the party) is other. The fight in Gujarat is between 'Satya and Asatya'. Truth of Gujarat is farmers' plight, expensive education and expensive healthcare."

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Modi's claim of giving two crore jobs to the youth in a year, he said, "Prime Minister Modi promised two crore jobs to youths. Our direct competition is with China. In China, 50,000 youths get employment every 24 hours. Whereas, in entire India, only 450 youths get jobs in 24 hours."

"Unemployment is Gujarat's reality," he said while addressing at the Adhivasi Akrosh Sabha at Nana Pondha.

"Prime Minister Modi has police, army, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Chhattisgarh and other state governments (in his support) but I have truth only. The Prime Minister attacked small traders through demonetisation," the Congress leader said.

"This is the miracle of Make in India. This is the truth," he added.

The Congress vice president also accused the Modi-led NDA government at the Centre of changing the pro-farmer land acquisition act brought in by the UPA government and for vehemently supporting affluent businessmen.

The two-phase Gujarat Assembly election is scheduled on December 9 and 14. Results of which will be declared on December 18. (ANI)