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First batch of Army HPCL Kashmir Super 50 (Medical) inaugurated by Lt Gen D P Pandey in Srinagar on Thursday. (Photo/ANI)
First batch of Army HPCL Kashmir Super 50 (Medical) inaugurated by Lt Gen D P Pandey in Srinagar on Thursday. (Photo/ANI)

First batch of Army HPCL Kashmir Super 50 (Medical) inaugurated by Lt Gen D P Pandey in Srinagar

ANI | Updated: Nov 18, 2021 14:36 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], November 18 (ANI): The first batch of Army HPCL Kashmir Super 50 (Medical) that includes 20 girl students who will undergo 12-month coaching for entrance examinations to various medical academic courses, was on Thursday inaugurated by Lt Gen D P Pandey, GoC Chinar Corps.
The project Army HPCL Kashmir Super 50 (Medical) was conceptualized by Srinagar based Chinar Corps provides the best educational opportunities for students of Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh by coaching and mentoring them for a period of twelve months for entrance examinations of various Medical Streams/Colleges spread across India.
The program is co-partnered with HPCL, corporate partner and National Integrity and Educational Development Organization (NIEDO), training partner. This initiative of the army towards students of Kashmir valley emphasized the importance of the role of women to achieve sustainable development and create long term stability thus bringing positive and constructive change in society.
The girls apart from receiving educational coaching will also be provided with additional facilities of Library, Computer Lab, Mess and Restrooms at the centre. Hi-tech classrooms have been prepared separately for them and state of the art facilities have been created to provide them with the best environment for their studies.

Highlighting the determination of the Indian Army to ensure the youth are provided with the best educational opportunities, Lt Gen D P Pandey (GoC Chinar Corps) said," I am so glad our efforts for you all became successful. You all made us believe the way we created for you. I hope that you all will come out with flying colours".
"Super 30 is converted to super 50. We thought that girls take care of the household as well as their profession also. Our goal was to educate more and more girls. Our target is to make all these 20 girls doctors. We got 20 girls from areas including Kashmir valley. The girls are selected from 1800 girls. The girls and boys who come here their family income are no more than 3 lakhs," said Virendra Banchoor, a Centre Head of Super 50.

"We are prepared for the NEET exam. 20 girls have been selected for this. We are getting all facilities for free from books to teaching which we could have got for a very high price outside. I think it has the world's best faculty, said Ishrat Rashid, a student.
"I think everyone person needs guidance. We are provided with all the study materials and teaching. The teachers here are guiding us really well," said Kounsar Hamid, another student.
"We are getting free of cost facilities. We are made to work hard for our studies. There is no distraction as there are no mobile phones allowed. They provide us with separate doubt classes. We cannot afford private coaching as our parent's income is low. We are extremely happy here," said another student, Farah Nabi. (ANI)