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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing BJP national office bearers meeting.(Photo/ANI)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing BJP national office bearers meeting.(Photo/ANI)

Fix goals for next 25 years, work to fulfil aspirations of people: PM Modi to party workers

ANI | Updated: May 20, 2022 11:34 IST

New Delhi [India], May 20 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday advised Bharatiya Janata Party workers to fix goals for the next 25 years and work consistently to fulfill aspirations of the people who are looking at the BJP with great confidence and a lot of hope, as independent India prepares to mark its centenary in 2047.
Pointing out that the hopes and aspirations of people "greatly increases" the responsibility of the BJP, PM Modi said, "The world is looking at India with great expectations today. Similarly, in India, the people have a special affection for the BJP. The people of the country are looking at the BJP with great confidence and with a lot of hope. The hopes and aspirations of the people of the country increase our responsibility."
"In this 'Amrit kaal' of independence, the country is setting goals for the next 25 years. This is the time for BJP, to set the target for the next 25 years along with consistently working for the people of India to fulfil their aspirations along with wading through all the challenges," said Modi said virtually while addressing BJP national office bearers meeting in Jaipur.
Taking a dig at Congress, PM Modi said that there was a phase when people had no hopes with the government, nor was the government accountable. "In 2014 people decided to write a new history. BJP has brought the country out of pessimism. Today people of India are full of aspirations," he added.
The Prime Minister said that he can see the country's bright future amid the rising aspirations of people.
"Beyond political profit and loss, I see it as a big positive change. India is seen as a country filled with aspirations. Now, every citizen of India wants to see the work getting done along with witnessing the final outcome. In this backdrop, the responsibility of governments increases tremendously," he said.
He said the BJP workers not to sit and relax but to work for the country to take it to the height which the freedom fighters dreamt of.
Emphasising the achievements of his government and also advising the workers to work for consistently for the country, PM Modi said, "As BJP workers we have no right to sit peacefully. BJP government is there in 18 states, over 1300 MLAs, over 400 MPs... Even in Rajya Sabha after decades BJP is the party to have 100 MPs. Seeing these achievements, one may want to relax. But we are not here to enjoy power. Those who gave their lives for our party do not permit us to rest. We are impatient even today, we are restless because our aim is to take India to the height which our freedom fighters dreamt of."
PM Modi said the eight years of BJP-led NDA government were dedicated to the poor's welfare, balanced development, social justice and social security. (ANI)