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Aircraft takes off from Mumbai without engine cover (Photo/ANI)
Aircraft takes off from Mumbai without engine cover (Photo/ANI)

Flight takes off without engine cover: Alliance Air regrets 'unfortunate' incident, initiates probe

ANI | Updated: Feb 09, 2022 18:07 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 9 (ANI): After an Alliance Air flight, which had taken off from Mumbai Airport without its cowl or engine cover on Wednesday landed safely at Bhuj airport, the airlines regretted the "unfortunate" incident and has ordered a thorough investigation.
In a statement, the airline said, "While we follow laid down policies/procedures as per the regulatory authorities and have strict checks in place - both pre and post-flight operations in order to ensure complete safety of our passengers & crew, we regret the unfortunate incident."
The statement further said that the airline has taken a "strict note" of the incident and has initiated a thorough investigation.

"We have taken strict note of the incident and a thorough investigation has been initiated. The findings of the same shall be shared with the regulatory authorities and we shall ensure that all required corrective actions are put in place," the statement said.
Soon after the flight took off from Mumbai, the Mumbai Air traffic controller (ATC) reported the issue.
"It was reported by Mumbai ATC that Engine Cowling has been found on runway side after takeoff. It appeared to be from ATR aircraft VT-RKJ at BOM which was operating 91-625(BOM-BHJ). The aircraft is still in continuation of flight," Mumbai airport official told soon ANiIafter the cowl was found.