Parkash Singh Badal (File Photo)
Parkash Singh Badal (File Photo)

Follow consensus not confrontation on national issues: Parkash Singh Badal

ANI | Updated: Oct 02, 2020 23:10 IST

Chandigarh [India], October 2 (ANI): Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) patriarch Parkash Singh Badal on Friday asked the Centre and state government to follow "a policy of consensus and constructive conciliation rather than repressive confrontation on sensitive national issues".
"The country's image must not be disfigured through intolerant governmental approach," said Badal.
Badal said that the entire state was enthused yesterday by "the Panthic fervor in the Akali wave to support our beleaguered farmers. This was a great spectacle for those who cherish democratic Panthic traditions."
In a statement here, he reminded the government of the need for consensus, saying, "Confrontation, especially violent confrontation, was dangerous and harmful in a country which prides itself on its rich diversity. This diversity must not only be preserved but genuinely respected and promoted by everyone tasked with shaping our nation's destiny."
He emphasised the need for respecting genuine cooperative federalism on the one hand and democratic dissent on the other.
"A healthy respect for our religious, linguistic, regional and political diversity is the cornerstone of our Constitution and only a democratic and federal approach can make us a global political, economic and moral leader of the new world," Badal said.

The Akali stalwart described as "shocking and utterly uncalled for" last night's repressive use of force by the police against Akali workers peacefully agitating for the farmers.
"There was nothing unconstitutional or abnormal in protesters' behaviour or demands. It is everyone's fundamental right to be heard through peaceful democratic manner" he said, reiterating that in the Governor's shoes, he would have walked barefoot to meet the peaceful agitators.
SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal, former Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur and several party workers were detained by police during Kisan March near Mullapur barrier here on Thursday. However, they were released later.

SAD leaders were prevented from entering the city to hand over a memorandum for the President to ask for revocation of the three "black" laws on agriculture to the State Governor.

The police resorted to lathi-charge and use water cannons to disperse SAD workers during the Kisan March. (ANI)