Mohd. Azam at his shop in Ayodhya. (Photo/ANI)
Mohd. Azam at his shop in Ayodhya. (Photo/ANI)

For generations, this Muslim family in Ayodhya making 'Khadaus' for Hindu saints

ANI | Updated: Aug 04, 2020 22:32 IST

By Sahil Pandey
Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 4 (ANI): A Muslim family-based in Ayodhya has been making 'Khadaus' (wooden footwear) for Hindu saints for several generations that is also its primary source of income.
Mohd. Azam said he is the fifth generation in his family who is carrying forward the making khadaus.

"I make Khadaus, which are used by Hindu saints, for a living. These are also worshipped by many people. I am the fifth generation in my family who is making this, and carrying forward the tradition which was started by my ancestors," he told ANI.
Khadau possesses a great significance in the Hindu religion, in particular. In the epic mythology Ramayana, Bharat, Lord Ram's younger brother, placed 'Khadaus' of Rama on the throne as a symbol of the latter's authority over the kingdom. It is thus an object of worship for many, even today.
Azam, who is working with seven others to make these Khadaus, expects a rise in its sales after the construction of Ram Temple in the holy city.
"As the Ram Temple is getting constructed, many people will come to Ayodhya and I expect more sales of Khadaus, which will improve our condition and livelihood," he said.
Ruling out any communal disharmony, Azam added, "Hindus and Muslims are not viewed differently here. We all work together and celebrate each other's festivals. I have co-workers who are Hindus, and we all live peacefully." (ANI)