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Haryana Agriculture Minister J P Dalal (Photo/ANI)
Haryana Agriculture Minister J P Dalal (Photo/ANI)

Foreign powers like China, Pakistan want to destabilise the country in name of farmers: Haryana Minister

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2020 23:46 IST

Hisar (Haryana) [India], December 2 (ANI): Haryana Agriculture Minister JP Dalal on Wednesday said that there are many foreign powers like China and Pakistan who want to destabilise the country in the name of farmers.
Dalal, who was talking to media persons in Hisar, said time should be given to implementing the new farm laws and if there is a problem, it can be addressed.
"This is not about farmers. In the name of farmers, many people, foreign powers are there, China, Pakistan or enemy countries, they want to destabilise (the country)," he said.
He said if farmers have apprehensions about the new farm laws, they should see the results in "one year, two years, three years".

"If there is any adverse impact, you agitate and call for change and we will accept it. If the doctor has given you medicine, you are not prepared to take it and say you will die immediately after taking it, the right to decide is not like that," he said.
He said that Prime Minister is not "an imposed king" and has the mandate of people. The minister also referred to the support received by BJP in Bihar assembly polls and in by-polls in Madhya Pradesh which were held after the two new agriculture laws were enacted and one law amended.
Answering a question about the alleged threat of blockade of Delhi, he said farmers should work with wisdom and have a dialogue. He said Delhi is the country's capital and not "Lahore or Karachi".
"I appeal to farmers to work with wisdom and have a dialogue. It is not a good thing if they stop the water of Delhi, block borders. It is not Lahore or Karachi, it is the capital of the country," he said.
The farmers are protesting in border areas of Delhi against recently enacted farm laws. (ANI)