Ashish, a former radio jockey from Vadodara speaking to ANI. (Photo/ ANI)
Ashish, a former radio jockey from Vadodara speaking to ANI. (Photo/ ANI)

Former RJ in Gujarat's Vadodara distributes ration kits to pandemic-affected people

ANI | Updated: May 27, 2021 09:45 IST

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], May 27 (ANI): Many Good Samaritans are going an extra mile to help those in need amid the pandemic and a former radio jockey from Vadodara is doing the same over the past two weeks.
Ashish is providing ration to people whose income has been affected by the pandemic and lockdown. He has started a 'rashan jockey' campaign, where he provides ration kits to the people with low-income or who have lost their jobs during the pandemic.
"With many things out of our control, we cannot resolve each problem or help everyone. We can feed the needy. I provide a ration kit that can last for 10-15 days, especially to the people who have lost their jobs or have very low income," Ashish told ANI on Wednesday.

Not only Ashish has been providing ration kits to the people, but also listens to their problems. He randomly roams around the city twice a day and meets random people. He extends his helping hands if they need it.
"Each day, I put ration kits in the car and drive around to talk to people. If they have low income in current times or are jobless and need help, I give them the kit," the former radio jockey said.
"I have been running campaign 'rashan jockey' for 17-18 days now. Each kit has food relief that could last 10-15 days. I provide them my personal number so that they call me if they need more ration," he said.
Ashish said that he has met over 300 such people through his campaign, which includes tailors, fruit and vegetable vendors, and distributed them the ration kits. (ANI)