Poet and historian Zareef Ahmad Zareef speaking to ANI.
Poet and historian Zareef Ahmad Zareef speaking to ANI.

Forty days of harsh winter 'Chillai Kalan' commences in Kashmir valley

ANI | Updated: Dec 22, 2020 07:44 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [india], December 22 (ANI): Forty days of harsh winter period known as 'Chillai Kalan' in local language began from Monday in the Kashmir valley.
Even as the coldest period of Kashmir winter - Chillai Kalan - set in from Monday, there is no sign of change in the dry weather situation with weatherman forecasting the chilly conditions to continue for days ahead.
Kashmir, also known as paradise, is famous due to the natural beauty and for all four seasons playing a vital role in increasing the charm of the valley. But in the winter season when 'Chillai Kalan' knocks the doors of Valley, the beauty of this paradise elevates at large scale.

During winter, due to the snowfall, Kashmir looks totally different with snow-covered mountains and tourist destinations including Gulmarg, Pahalgam looks very beautiful that attract a number of tourists also.
"These forty to seventy days of harsh winter is related to the old aged and rich culture and traditions of the valley which results when Chillai Kalan knocks the doors and it also depicts the Kashmir's past. Because during this period lifestyle including food, costumes and working style is going totally change in the valley and that's why during the past our ancestors were always prepared in advance for this harsh period of winter," famous critic poet and historian Zareef Ahmad Zareef told ANI.
"We have to prepare for this season since September. But it was not like a calamity for me and we use to celebrate it. We used to melt stone to get water. It was like a treasure of water for us," Zareef said.
During this harsh period of winter, a thin layer of ice forming on the surface of water bodies and freezing of taps has been a common phenomenon these forty days.
A local Iqbal Ahmad said, "Kashmir is called the paradise of earth. I like snowfall as the surrounding gets more beautiful due to snowfall. However, there are few problems as well but our elders have also seen this season for hundreds of years and it is our tradition and culture and we should celebrate it." (ANI)