Narcotics Control Bureau Chief SN Pradhan. (Photo/ANI)
Narcotics Control Bureau Chief SN Pradhan. (Photo/ANI)

Further action will continue on basis of inputs from detained people: NCB Chief Pradhan

By Amit Kumar | Updated: Oct 03, 2021 13:59 IST

New Delhi [India], October 3 (ANI): After the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) busted a rave party onboard a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai and detained eight people, NCB Chief S N Pradhan said that further action will be taken based on whatever inputs are received from these people.

While speaking to ANI, the NCB Chief said that these are detentions and not arrests, which have been shared in the public domain and action will be taken continuously. Action will be taken based on inputs received from these people, he said.

Regarding the action taken at the rave party, Pradhan told ANI, "The proceedings were already taking place. We are constantly gathering intelligence. We took action once the inputs that we received were confirmed."

"Action was taken only after the input was confirmed. When we received input that drugs are being carried and are going to be used, then we conducted raids," he added.

The NCB Chief said, "It is not the job of NCB to find out from which industry and who are joining. Who is the son of an industrialist, who is the son of a film star, this is not our work. Our job is to take action on an equal scale and we are taking action on the same scale and this action will continue in the future also. Whoever is found involved in this network, irrespective of the industry they belong to, we will take action."

The NCB Chief told ANI, "Wherever information is received, action will be taken and it does not matter with whom there is a connection. Our aim is a drug-free India."

"Whether there is a party in the hotel or in a residential area, input had come and action has been taken. This is not a new thing. Be it Mumbai or another urban area, action will be taken because youth should not come under the influence of drugs. For this action has been taken," Pradhan said. (ANI)