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Health workers in Rameswaram releasing Gambusia fish in a well. (Photo/ANI)
Health workers in Rameswaram releasing Gambusia fish in a well. (Photo/ANI)

Gambusia fish to eradicate Rameswaram mosquitoes

ANI | Updated: Jul 19, 2020 14:46 IST

Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu) [India], July 19 (ANI): The health department in Rameswaram is releasing Gambusia fish in water bodies to combat the menace of mosquito-borne diseases.
Mosquito-borne diseases are a recurring problem in Tamil Nadu. Every year the state has many cases of dengue and malaria.
According to a Health Department worker in Rameswaram, using just mosquito nets and mosquito repellents is not enough to keep people safe from mosquitoes. The situation is grave in the state.

The health worker said, "The government conducted research activities to detect and eradicate germs. It has directed the local administrations to spray drugs that kill mosquitoes in wells and reservoirs. Health workers and local administration staff are doing that. It worked to some extent."
He said that in its research, the health department found that the Gambusia fish destroy the eggs of mosquitoes, and so it decided to release the fish in water bodies around the city to control mosquitoes during the larval season.
In Rameswaram, the health department is currently in the process of releasing Gambusia fish in wells and reservoirs to eradicate mosquitoes that cause malaria and dengue. The move has been well received by the public, he added. (ANI)