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Mahatma Gandhi (representative image)
Mahatma Gandhi (representative image)

Gandhi ashram development project faces opposition, would disturb peace, say inmates

ANI | Updated: Oct 04, 2019 20:29 IST

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], Oct 4 (ANI): Central government's development plan for Sabarmati Ashram to turn it into a world-class monument spread into 32 acre, is facing opposition from inmates who claim that the plan would disturb the peace of the area where they have been staying for many generations.
Speaking to ANI Dhimamt Badhiya whose forefathers stayed at the ashram during the times of Gandhi said, "We have heard that government is planning to take over our land and turn the Gandhi Ashram into a world-class memorial. This will disturb the soul of Gandhiji as our ancestors lived with him and Gandhiji himself had given us this land to live."
He also threatened the government of taking the extreme step if their homes are forcibly taken away from them.
"If the government forces us to empty our houses one member of each house will give lives. Government is ready to give us handsome compensation and house but, we don't need it. We want to stay here as the soul of Gandhiji is hear. The essence of Gandhiji's ideology is here," he added.
The Harijan Ashram, situated near the Gandhi ashram was sent notice by the government to hand over the land as the central government wants to develop the whole area into a World-class memorial for Gandhi.
This, notice has led to protest by the residents who are staying near the Gandhi Ashram for ages.
The residents also alleged that the Member of Parliament Kirit Solanki had held a meeting with the inmates of Harijan ashram five-six times but it had yielded no results.
Contrary to these claims, Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust (SAPMT) officials say that the efforts of the centre will boost the tourism in the area and will be a fitting tribute to the Mahatma Gandhi.
"This project will not disturb the purity of the land. This project will bring back the shape of Gandhi Ashram to originality. By bringing the all 32 acres of land together ashram will be the same as it used to be during the era of Gandhi. Right now we can't offer much to tourists who come to visit this place. But, once this project is done the tourist coming to this place will get inner peace", said Atul Pandya, director of SAPMT.
Sabarmati Ashram is the place where Mahatma Gandhi lived for major years of his life. The place has a museum, Gandhi Charkha and many other things related to him. (ANI)