Replica of Chandrayaan-2 and its launch vehicle carry an idol of Lord Ganesha in Hyderabad. ANI photo
Replica of Chandrayaan-2 and its launch vehicle carry an idol of Lord Ganesha in Hyderabad. ANI photo

Ganesha idol placed in Chandrayaan 2 replica

ANI | Updated: Sep 06, 2019 20:19 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Sept 6 (ANI): In a unique step that combines tradition with innovation, a five-feet tall idol of Lord Ganesha has been placed inside a 23.5- feet replica of Chandrayaan 2 here to mark festivities associated with Ganesha Chaturthi as also India's ambitious space mission.
The replica of the spacecraft at its launch pad was raised here earlier this month by Future Foundation Society, a non-governmental organisation.
Sachin Chandan, president of the society, said that they decided to make a replica of Chandrayaan 2 and its launch vehicle as it was a unique space mission to moon which has cost far less than similar endeavours of other countries.
"This year we came up with the idea of Chandrayaan-2. The mission has been done on a very low budget of Rs 960 crores when compared to spacecraft sent by NASA and other organisations across the world. It is a very big achievement (for the country)," Chandan said.
He said the society had been raising idols of Ganesha for the last 10 years.
"A five-feet tall Ganesha idol has been placed inside a miniature Chandrayaan 2," he said.
The impressive replica of the spacecraft and the launch vehicle has a Tricolour at the top with ISRO and India boldly written on it.
Chandan said the spacecraft replica, which weighs about 650 kg, is made of iron which can be recycled.
"We congratulate the team ISRO, specially the woman staff of the organisation, for their zeal and hard work in making Chandrayaan-2 mission successful," he said.
Chandan said they have made arrangements for the live telecast of soft-landing of Vikram module of Chandrayaan 2, scheduled for early Saturday.
Pravalika, a devotee who had come to see the replica as also offer her prayers to Lord Ganesha, said the society finds innovative ways to celebrate occasions.
"Their concepts are very good. Every year they bring new innovations," she said.
Deepa, a member of the society, said they also organise cultural functions and work for social causes. (ANI)