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Dr. C.N.Ashwatha Narayana (File Photo/ ANI)
Dr. C.N.Ashwatha Narayana (File Photo/ ANI)

Garden City University launches NEP implementation

ANI | Updated: Sep 09, 2021 22:42 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], September 9 (ANI): Karnataka Minister for Higher Education, Dr CN Ashwatha Narayana on Thursday said that the National Education Policy (NEP-2020) brings together knowledge, skill and employability into one system and is a unified policy.
Addressing a NEP implementation programme at Garden City University the minister said that the policy will address the gaps that existed in the previous system.
Stating that the policy is rooted in 'Indianness' is also open to global developments and is on par with the systems that are being practised in many developed countries of the world. He further added that this enables to achieve the qualitative standard in education.

"This student-centric policy will facilitate to end the disparities such as private-government education, English, non-English learning, Academics-Skills as well as aspires to eliminate compartmentalization and vertical silos," said the minister.
"Multidisciplinarity and Four Year Integrated degree courses, which are the main features of the policy, have already been in place in the best institutions and now that is being extended to all the institutions through NEP" Narayana futher said.
The Minister also thanked the university's administrative council for taking the initiative to implement the policy.
Dr Viju Joseph, Chancellor of the University, Jacob Crasta, entrepreneur and philanthropist, and others were present at the event. (ANI)