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Ghazipur IED case: Delhi Police collecting data of mobile phones, SIM cards sold near flower market for leads to suspects

ANI | Updated: Jan 18, 2022 20:43 IST

New Delhi [India], January 18 (ANI): Delhi Police are gathering data of all mobile phones and SIM cards sold in shops in and around Gahzaipur flower market, where an Improvised Explosive Device was detected four days ago.
According to police sources, after a Special Cell of Delhi police failed to find clues about the suspects in the IED, they have started collecting the data of all the mobile phones and SIM cards sold from the shops near the Mandi area along with the shops in the areas adjacent to Ghaziabad.
On January 14, at around 10.20 am, an unclaimed bag was recovered in front of Gate No. 1 of Ghazipur Mandi, Delhi. An IED was found inside the bag which was diffused by NSG.
The Delhi Police suspect Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI hand in this.
"The team of Special Cell is collecting the data of all the mobile phones and SIM cards sold in the last one month in the shops at the Ghazipur market area along with the area adjacent to Ghaziabad. The shopkeepers are being asked to share the details of the customers who bought the mobile phones or SIM cards in the area to find some clue in the investigation," sources in the special cell told ANI.
The sources further informed that the cell has taken dump data from mobile towers in and around Ghazipur Mandi before and after it received information about the presence of the unidentified bag.
"The team of Special Cell has also taken dump data from mobile towers in and around Ghazipur Mandi. The dump data has been collected before and after two hours of the police receiving the information. All the numbers that were active at that time within one-kilometer radius of Ghazipur Mandi are being closely scrutinized. By filtering all these numbers, the police are trying to reach the suspects," said the sources.
However, the police have not got any clue even after four days of the incident.
Earlier, NSG investigation revealed that the bomb contained 3 kilos of explosives and was made by mixing RDX and ammonium nitrate. According to the sources of the Special Cell, this is the first time in Delhi that a bomb has been made by mixing RDX and ammonium nitrate. This was done with the intention to cause maximum destruction.
Special cell sources also told ANI that once again sleeper cells have become active in Delhi and it is the sleeper cell that must have planted the bomb at gate number 1 of Ghazipur vegetable market.
Sources said that the incident can also be connected to Punjab due to the similarity between the IED recovered in Delhi and the IED found in Punjab. Last year, close to 40 drones had arrived in different areas of Punjab bordering Pakistan. All these drones had arms, ammunition, and explosives. (ANI)