Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo/ANI)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo/ANI)

Govt made public participation 1st line of defence in fight against COVID pandemic: PM Modi

ANI | Updated: Oct 22, 2021 13:39 IST

New Delhi [India], October 22 (ANI): After India achieved breached the 100 crore COVID-19 vaccination mark, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the Central government made public participation the first line of defence in India's fight against the pandemic.
Addressing the nation, the Prime Minister said India's COVID vaccination campaign is 'everybody's effort' and "if everyone's efforts are synergised, the results are amazing."
"Our first line of defence against pandemic was public participation, as part of which people lit diyas, banged thalis. Some people had questioned saying 'Will it help us get rid of the disease'...? Many people mocked when Indians banged thalis and lit diyas last year. However, it was India's unity that was on display during those events," he said.
The Prime Minister also noted that questions were raised that most of the people in India would not go to the vaccination centre to get vaccinated. "Vaccine hesitancy remains a major challenge even today in many major developed countries of the world. But the people of India have answered it by taking 100 crore vaccine doses," he stated.
As per an official release, Prime Minister lauded the "difficult but remarkable feat" of administering 100 crore vaccine doses.
He attributed the achievement to the dedication of 130 crore countrymen and said this success is the success of India and the success of every countryman. He said 100 crore vaccinations are not just a figure, but a reflection of the strength of the country, it is the creation of a new chapter of history. "This is a picture of a new India that sets difficult goals and knows how to achieve them," said PM Modi.
The Prime Minister noted that today many people are comparing India's vaccination programme with those of other countries in the world.
He said the speed with which India crossed the 100 crore mark, 1 billion, is also being appreciated. However, he pointed out that the point of beginning for India is often missing in this analysis.
The Prime Minister noted developed countries had decades of expertise in researching and developing vaccines, and India mostly depended on vaccines made by these countries. He said for this reason when the biggest pandemic of the century struck, various questions were raised about India's ability to fight the global pandemic.

"Questions like, from where will India get the money to buy so many vaccines from other countries? When will India get the vaccine? Will the people of India get the vaccine or not? Will India be able to vaccinate enough people to stop the pandemic from spreading? These questions were answered by achieving this feat of administering 100 crore vaccinations," he said.
PM Modi further stressed that India has not only administered 100 crore vaccine doses to its citizens but has also done that free of cost. He said the acceptance that India enjoys in the world as a pharma hub will be further strengthened.
The Prime Minister said at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, people were anxious that it would be very difficult to fight this pandemic in a democracy like India.
"Questions were also raised whether so much restraint and so much discipline work here? But, democracy means taking everyone along - Sabka Saath. The country started the campaign of 'Free Vaccine and Vaccine for Everyone'. Vaccinations were given to Poor-rich, Rural-urban alike," he said.
He remarked that the country has only one mantra that if the disease does not discriminate, then there cannot be any discrimination in the vaccination. PM Modi said that's why it was ensured that the VIP culture of entitlement does not dominate the vaccination campaign.
The Prime Minister further said India's entire vaccination programme is born in the womb of science, has grown on scientific grounds and has reached all four directions through scientific methods. "It is a matter of pride for all of us that the entire vaccination programme of India has been Science born, Science driven and Science-based," he said, adding that before the vaccine was made and until the vaccine was administered, the entire campaign was based on a scientific approach.
The Prime Minister said experts and many agencies from home and abroad are very positive about India's economy. "Today not only are record investments coming in Indian companies but new employment opportunities are also being created for the youth. With record investment in start-ups, unicorns are being made. New energy is also visible in the housing sector," he said.
PM Modi noted that many reforms and initiatives taken in the last few months will play a big role in making India's economy grow faster.
The Prime Minister also insisted the people on buying every little thing, which is Made in India, which was made by the hard work of an Indian. He said that this will be possible only with the efforts of everyone. "Just like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a mass movement, in the same way, buying things made in India, buying things made by Indians, being Vocal for Local has to be put into practice," he added.
The Prime Minister said the country knows how to set big goals and achieve them. "But, for this, we need to be constantly careful," he said and further stressed that no matter how good the cover is, no matter how modern the armour is, even if armour gives a complete guarantee of protection, weapons are not given up while the battle is on. (ANI)