Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President, Girish Chodankar (File Photo/ANI)
Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President, Girish Chodankar (File Photo/ANI)

GPCC President complains about 'pathetic' road conditions in state, writes to CM

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2019 19:27 IST

Panaji (Goa) [India], Sept 21 (ANI): Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Girish Chodankar on Saturday wrote a letter to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant complaining about the 'pathetic' road conditions in the state and demanding to take strict action against those responsible for the same.
In his letter, Chodankar asserted that the State Government has spent around Rs. 2400 crores on roads while the Central Government through its ambitious National Highway project has spent around Rs. 3,500 crores for improving the road network in Goa.
"This is to bring to your notice that the conditions of the roads across the state are currently in a pathetic and dilapidated condition. This has resulted in grave inconvenience to the general public at large. The worsening of the road condition has resulted in numerous accidents causing serious injuries to the various individuals of the public. The condition of roads is affecting the life of every Goan and those visiting our state thereby clearly bringing bad repute and name to the state," wrote Chodankar.
"During the last five years, around Rs. 6000 crores of taxpayers money has been spent on roads in the state. In this present scenario the accountability of these Rs. 6,000 crores is a big issue as to how and where the funds have been utilised as the road conditions across the State have worsened," he added.
Chodankar alleged that the damaged roads across the state are a result of 'mass corruption' in the Public Works Department (PWD). "Today it is an open secret that commission and kickbacks are paid in PWD, let's accept the fact," wrote Chodankar.
Levying accusations of massive corruption in the allotment of work, he further alleged, "There are reports which have stated that work done by the contractors is actually of only 50% of the estimated price of the tender. This happens because tenders are quoted and successfully won 20% below the estimated price of the tender with discretion in the hands of the Minister of Public Works Department. In addition to quoting below 20% of the estimated cost, the contractor pays the kickbacks. This modus operandi has resulted in substandard work by the contractors which has resulted in potholes and bad condition of the roads".
Chodankar stated that the State Government needs to step up action so that the fatalities occurring due to poor road conditions, including loss of life are prevented.
"The CM is hereby called upon to conduct a vigilance inquiry into the allegations floating on corruption in PWD and inquiring all road works tendered and executed during the last five years. The inquiry should be done in a time-bound manner, fix accountability and take stringent action against all those who are responsible for mis-utilisation of public funds and risking the lives of Goans," wrote Chodankar.
"The CM is requested to withdraw all circulars which allow quoting below 20% of the estimated cost in order to bring transparency in the online tendering process. Withdrawal of these circulars will take away discretionary powers of Public Works Department officials and Public Works Department Minister," he added. (ANI)