New Farakka Express
New Farakka Express

Guiding system snag caused New Farakka Express derailment: Report

ANI | Updated: Oct 17, 2018 15:36 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 17 (ANI): A mechanical failure had led to the derailment of New Farakka Express last week, a preliminary investigation report suggested on Wednesday.
Seven passengers died and more than 30 others were injured after nine coaches along with the train engine derailed near Raebareli on October 11.
The Commission of Railway Safety, in their probe report, has suggested that train was given a green signal to proceed despite the failure of a point, which should have created a path for the coaches.
Following the accident, a signal inspector and a maintainer were suspended.
SK Pathak, the commissioner of railway safety, in his investigation report, recommended that the Railways should decide upon a reasonable time and number of attempts after which a point, not responding to the command from the control panel, is to be declared as failed.
Railway safety commissioner also suggests that measures should be taken to avoid tampering of the signalling circuit; drivers should be trained to use the independent loco brake in case of an extreme emergency.
The report further recommends that location boxes should be replaced by location huts with signalling equipment. To prevent any tampering in the signalling circuit "the location huts must be kept under double lock," the commissioner observes. (ANI)