District Education Officer (DEO) Bharat Vader talking to ANI on Monday. Photo/ANI
District Education Officer (DEO) Bharat Vader talking to ANI on Monday. Photo/ANI

Gujarat-based school exam paper asks 'how did Gandhi ji commit suicide?', inquiry initiated

ANI | Updated: Oct 14, 2019 22:58 IST

Gandhinagar (Gujarat) [India], Oct 14 (ANI): A self-financed school in Gujarat's Gandhinagar has impelled the state education authorities to initiate an inquiry after it asked a shocking question ''How did Gandhiji commit suicide?" in its internal assessment exam.
The question was asked in the internal assessment exam to class XI students in the Gujarati language.
"Every school has their own questions paper. An inquiry has been initiated in the matter and we have sought a response from the school. Once they submit a report, further actions will be taken," District Education Officer Bharat Vader told ANI on Monday.
The school runs under the banner of Sufalam Shala Vikas Sankul, a Gandhinagar-based organisation of self-financing schools which get government grants.
Taking cognisance into the matter without wasting time, the Congress leader Nisith Vyas said, "This is a conspiracy to dissolve the Gandhian ideology so they (BJP) can impose their own. This was started in the state 22 years ago. Are they ready to denounce Godse? No. Instead, they are planning to set up a Godse's statue."
Drawing a comparison with the situation in the state with the Third Reich, he said, "If we refer to history, a similar incident had happened in Germany. When Hitler tried to establish his superiority, he faced backlash. So, he changed history and tried to mould a whole generation. The same is being repeated in the state."
Gandhi followers believe that either this was due to the lack of information on part of the teacher who made the question paper or a deliberate attempt to spread misinformation among the students.
"I think either the teacher did not know enough about Mahatma Gandhi or he was intentionally trying to spread misinformation about Gandhi's death among the students," a Gandhian named Dhimant Badhia said.
He demanded that the recognition of the school be scrapped immediately. (ANI)