Haryana: More than 10 passengers of Himalayan Queen Express injured

ANI | Updated: Nov 02, 2017 11:34 IST

Gharaunda (Haryana) [India], Nov. 2 (ANI): More than 10 passengers of Himalayan Queen Express received injuries after the driver of the train applied emergency brakes in Gharaunda station in Karnal district of Haryana Thursday morning.

"I noticed that train was in high speed of around 35km per hour. I immediately inquired driver about it, but he didn't reply. Negligence is on the driver's part," Gharaunda's Station Master Karam Vir Singh said.

One of the angry passengers at the spot said the train would have met with a major accident if continued running at the same speed.

Another passenger blamed Railway department for the fault and demanded an inquiry into the matter.

"The train didn't even stop on signal. No one had control on it and suddenly break was applied. The entire train was filled with smoke. Some children lost their tooth but still, there are no arrangements of medical aid. Many are injured, but the staff was high on alcohol. It is a huge irresponsibility on the part of Railway. An inquiry should be conducted into the matter," the passenger said. (ANI)