Visuals from Coimbatore. Photo/ANI
Visuals from Coimbatore. Photo/ANI

Heatwave leads to water crisis in Coimbatore

ANI | Updated: Jun 09, 2019 23:24 IST

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) [India], June 9 (ANI): Water bodies have gone dry and groundwater levels have plummeted as unprecedented heatwave conditions persist in Coimbatore.
Locals also blame repeated monsoon failure for the condition in the city.
"We have been witnessing monsoon failure for the past three seasons, we urge the government to clean all ponds, tanks and construct more check dams to save water during rains," Abdul Jaffar, a local resident told ANI.
Environmentalist Syed said that this was the worst crisis the city had witnessed and that people were eagerly waiting for the south-west monsoons to provide some relief.
"With the monsoons hitting Kerala it is high time the Public Works Department (PWD) begins cleaning the tanks and also clear encroachments on the water paths reaching various water bodies," said Syed.
Due to the heatwave in Coimbatore, more than 10 out of 20 tanks around the city have become dry. Cattle, birds and stray animals are the worst hit due to non-availability of water.
Members of the tanks protection movement said that in the wake of the drought-like situation, groundwater table has gone deep to 800-1000 feet in the rural areas. (ANI)