Himachal dams filling up quickly, power generation more than target

ANI | Updated: Aug 30, 2017 15:59 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 30 (ANI): The water levels in Himachal Pradesh's major dams, Bhakra and Pong, have increased and are at a comfortable position, the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) recently revealed.

The BBMB conveyed meeting of the Technical Committee to deliberate inflows and to regulate release of water for efficient management of Gobind Sagar reservoir at Bhakra Dam and Pong reservoir in order to meet the demands of irrigation and drinking water, to achieve optimal generation from its power plant and to avoid wastage of water of Satluj, Beas and Ravi rivers downstream of international boundary.

For achieving this objectives, the BBMB had earlier called two emergent meeting of the Technical Committee first one on August 4, 2017 and second an August 16, 2017. Irrigation and drinking water requirements of partner states have been met and the levels of reservoirs are at comfortable position.

Today's water level of Bhakra reservoir is 1668.91 feet against the last year level of 1641.13 feet. Similarly, water level of Pong reservoir is 1380.75 feet against last year's level of 1366.65 feet. Thus, compared to last year, as on date, water level at Bhakra reservoir is twenty eight feet higher and at Pong reservoir is 14 feet higher.

The Power Generation from BBMB Power Houses during 2017-18 till 28th August, 2017 is 498.6 crore units, which is 9.08% more than the target of 457.08 crore units of the period set by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA).

All BBMB Power Houses individually have also achieved Power House wise generation target set by the CEA for this period. This splendid feet has been facilitated by high machine availability of 96.51% and transmission availability of 99.64 % due to untiring effort of the dedicated BBMB staff. Every single drop of water has been utilized optimally for generation of power.

D.K. Sharma, Chairman, BBMB stated that the position of reservoir are very much comfortable to meet the drinking and irrigation water requirement of partner states during the coming depletion period.

He expressed confidence that both Bhakra and Pong reservoirs would be filled to their optimal water levels in view of the good monsoon and with these reservoir levels we will generate more energy than the CEA's target for the year 2017-18. (ANI)