Congress leader Alka Lamba speaking to ANI on Monday.
Congress leader Alka Lamba speaking to ANI on Monday.

Hope there will be no more delay in hanging Nirbhaya case convicts: Alka Lamba

ANI | Updated: Feb 17, 2020 22:45 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 17 (ANI): After a Delhi court issued fresh black warrants against the four Nirbhaya gang-rape accused on Monday, Congress leader Alka Lamba said that she hopes that the execution will no longer be delayed.
This is the third time death warrants have been issued against the four convicts in the last few weeks. The court has now fixed March 3 as the date of hanging.
"I hope that the date set for the death sentence of the rapists of Nirbhaya will be final as twice the date has been postponed. I hope that Nirbhaya's mom will finally get some relief," Alka Lamba told ANI.
However, again the date of the hanging might get postponed, she predicted.
She also said that when the Nirbhaya case had happened in 2012 the whole country was in an uproar but today her mom is facing the judicial process alone. "Only future will tell the fear that these hangings will have in the minds of rapists," she added.
The Congress leader also supported death penlaty for such crimes. "I think if the person is a rapist or a terrorist then why should common people's taxes be used to take care of them. Hence, this burden should be removed from the earth," she added.
On the Supreme Court's verdict on permanent commission to women officers in the Indian Army, Lamba said, "With this judgment, it is clear that the government should have brought this reform earlier."
"The SC verdict has revealed to all that there are still orthodox people in the government who till date have not let the Women Reservation Bill to pass. Also, the newly formed cabinet in Delhi has not included any woman minister," she added. (ANI)