BJP Telangana spokesperson N V Subhash (File photo)
BJP Telangana spokesperson N V Subhash (File photo)

House arrest of BJP leaders 'unconstitutional, unwarranted': N V Subhash targets KCR

ANI | Updated: Jun 12, 2020 17:12 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], June 12 (ANI): BJP Telangana spokesperson N V Subhash on Friday termed the house arrest of his party leaders, who proposed to give a memorandum to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) on rising of coronavirus cases and request him to conduct more tests to prevent its spread, as "unconstitutional and unwarranted".
Subhash said the house arrest of BJP leaders including Dr K Laxman, N Ramachandra Rao and Raja Singh was "unconstitutional and unwarranted".
"Why does Chief Minister KCR fear for BJP? Why he resorted to the house arrest of BJP leaders? A delegation of BJP including leaders Dr K Laxman, N Ramachandra Rao and Raja Singh is placed into house arrest as a precautionary measure. It is unconstitutional and unwarranted," he said in a statement.

The BJP Telangana spokesperson alleged that the Chief Minister is hiding the actual figures of COVID-19 cases in the state.
"What it appears that Chief Minister KCR is showing off with corona data by hiding the actual figures. Submitting a memorandum to the ruling party and requesting for concrete measures for the benefit of people in the democratic process is a normal practice. The KCR government must withdraw restrictions on the BJP leaders immediately and the police department must give an apology for the house arrest," he said.
He further said the actions of the TRS government raise "many eyebrows" as no government will order preventive house arrest unless it is a huge law and order problem, adding that it indicates that the state government is trying to "cover up its mistakes" in dealing with the coronavirus.
Comparing efforts made by the Jaganmohan Reddy-led government in Andhra Pradesh and KCR in Telangana to combat COVID-19, he said: "The Andhra Pradesh government is functioning more effectively in containing the virus by conducting corona tests in lakhs, whereas the Telangana government is not conducting in hundreds. Fear grips people of Telangana as the corona is spreading like a wildfire, but the government is acting with lethargy."
He appealed to the KCR government to accept the reality at least now and take the necessary steps to control the virus. "Truth cannot be buried with false statistics and it will explode one day or other. KCR must take criticism of the opposition parties in a positive manner and set right its acts," the BJP leader said. (ANI)