Republican Party of India leader Ramdas Athawale speaking to ANI on Thursday. [Photo/ANI]
Republican Party of India leader Ramdas Athawale speaking to ANI on Thursday. [Photo/ANI]

'Humare aangan me unka kya kaam hai', Athawale says China has no right to enter Indian territory

ANI | Updated: Jun 18, 2020 14:02 IST

New Delhi [India], June 18 (ANI): Republican Party of India (RPI-A) leader Ramdas Athawale on Thursday warned China not to enter Indian territory, stating that a war would prove very costly for both the countries.
"They took Buddha from us, once entire China was Buddhist. But, currently, they have turned Communist. But we don't want 'yuddha' (war) with them. We want peace with China. A war will prove costly for both, they need to rethink this," Athawale told ANI here.
"They should stop doing these activities (on the border). They have no right to come on our border, 'humare aangan me unka kya kaam hai' (what is your job in our area). If we are not attempting to control your area, why are you doing so?" he added.

Athawale said this after at least 20 Indian Army personnel, including a Colonel rank officer, lost their lives in the violent face-off in the Galwan valley area of Ladakh on June 15.
The Union Minister also urged people in the country to boycott not just Chinese goods, and literature but also the cuisine and asked for a ban on the restaurants which serve them.
"Restaurants selling Chinese food should be banned. Restaurants should be closed by the order of the state government. I appeal to people who consume Chinese food to boycott it," Athawale told ANI here.
"Chinese literature should also be banned, its products too should be banned and its companies too should not be given business here. We should develop such companies which can manufacture the same products in India," he added. (ANI)