Hybrid guavas rule Hyderabad market

ANI | Updated: Dec 27, 2017 06:07 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana), Dec 27 (ANI): Markets in Hyderabad are witnessing more demand and sale of hybrid guavas, pushing aside the local breed.

The guavas tend to appear fresher with a juicy texture and fewer seeds than the local ones, which have more seeds and stay juicy for a short duration.

"I started purchasing these guavas as they are tastier than the normal ones. They are very sweet. One guava weighs around 500 grams and can feed many. That's why I love eating this guava," said a customer to ANI.

Another customer expressed his concern over the difference in rates between local and hybrid guava.

"I have never tried these hybrid guavas but their appearance attracted to purchase these guavas so I came to purchase. I came to take these but the cost is around rupees 100 unlike the regular guava which cost rupees 40", said another customer.

Even a businessman agreed to the fact that hybrid guavas are better than the local once.

"These hybrid guavas are really ruling the market. They are imported from Jharkhand, Raipur and even I get the stock from there. Unlike the normal guava, they are tasty and the seeds do not stick to teeth. Even the public prefers these guavas than the normal one. That's the reason even I stopped bringing the normal guava and preferring these hybrid guavas," added a seller. (ANI)