12-year-old Mohammed Hasan. File photo/ANI
12-year-old Mohammed Hasan. File photo/ANI

Hyderabad: 12-year-old prodigy develops smart dustbin

ANI | Updated: Aug 22, 2019 19:11 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Aug 22 (ANI): A 12-year-old prodigy here has developed a smart dustbin after getting inspired by the Swacch Bharat Mission program.
While the 12-year-old Mohammed Hasan himself is an eighth standard student, he takes classes for Civil, Mechanical and Electronic engineering students of Masters and Bachelor levels.
"One day I was watching the Swacch Bharath campaign program and inspired by that I made a Smart Dustbin. Whenever the dustbin gets filled, the display outside will show and when the dustbin gets totally filled up then it will send a message to the Municipal Corporation to come and pick up the dustbin," Hasan told ANI here.
Speaking about the dustbin, Hasan said, "This dustbin has a Wi-Fi module, ultrasonic sensors, servo motor, an LCD, sensor and buzzer."
"The ultrasonic sensors measure the amount of garbage in the dustbin while the LCD displays the quantity to the owners. The Wi-Fi module comes into use when the dustbin is filled and a message needs to be sent to the Municipal Corporation.
Hasan had previously also developed a serving robot in merely 15 days, which can take voice commands, follow a line and be set on automatic mode.
"It took me two days to complete this project, if we use the technology with Swacch Bharath then it can come handy in keeping our country clean," Hasan said. (ANI)