Hyderabad international airport is gearing up for post-lockdown operations.
Hyderabad international airport is gearing up for post-lockdown operations.

Hyderabad international airport introduces contactless boarding for passengers

ANI | Updated: May 16, 2020 23:24 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 16 (ANI): Gearing up for post-lockdown operations, the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad has introduced a contactless boarding for travellers and has also deployed thermal cameras to monitor their temperature.
Instead of handing over the physical documents to personnel for verification, passengers will now be required to display the documents onto a high-definition camera installed at each gate at the domestic departure terminal of the airport.
"The output of the camera will be verified by the CISF personnel from the specially designed computer monitor kept at a safe distance from the passengers. Upon document check and satisfaction of the CISF personnel, the passenger will be allowed inside the terminal building for check-in and other processes," said the GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited in a statement on Saturday.

The airport has also deployed thermal cameras at departure gates to monitor the temperature of every passenger in a non-intrusive way. In case any passenger is detected with high temperature, the CISF will refer the passenger to the airport health officers stationed.
In addition to this, the airport has come up with an Automatic Information Management System (AIMS), which is a virtual helpdesk with real-time query resolution of passengers at the airport eliminating any direct contact of passengers with anyone at the information desk.
At the security checkpoints after check-in, all hand baggage trays on the Automatic Tray Retrieval System (ATRS) will come to passengers fully sanitised after passing through the fumigation tunnel installed to the ATRS machine.
Among one of the interesting innovations at the airport is the indigenously developed contactless water fountain for the passengers.
"Now any thirsty passenger can quench the thirst at any of the IR (Infra-Red) based water dispensing stations, which have been implemented with in-house resources to ensure contactless water dispensing mechanism. The system enables an absolute touch free water dispensing wherein a passenger just needs to lean forward to trigger the water fountain to dispense water," it added. (ANI)