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Protest outside Mohuns Grammer School (Image Source: Twitter/@Arbaz)
Protest outside Mohuns Grammer School (Image Source: Twitter/@Arbaz)

Hyderabad: Student wearing Ayappa mala allegedly denied entry in school

ANI | Updated: Dec 01, 2022 03:43 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 1 (ANI): A student was allegedly denied entry into a school for wearing Ayappa mala in Hyderabad's Malakpet area following an outrage by the locals.
Condemning the act, National Pracharak Karyadarshi of the Akhila Bharatha Deeksha Pracharak Samithi, Prem Gandhi said, "If anybody tries to stop, we are ready to stage the protest."
Notably, the Mohuns Grammar school, located in Old Malakpet of Hyderabad, has been accused by the Ayyappa Swami Samiti of not allowing a student with the Ayyapa Mala (A 41-day Deeksha).

Gandhi furthersaid, "Private schools belonging to Christian missionaries and other religions across Telangana are behaving tyrannically. They are trying to stop the kids from wearing Ayyappa mala".
"Today along with 1000 other Ayyappa Swami devotees, we staged a protest in front of the school to which the school authorities responded and said that they will allow the kids with Ayyapa Mala", said Prem Gandhi.
"This is happening everywhere across the state, so we urge the authorities to allow everyone without any disturbance," he added.
Speaking about the incident, the Inspector of Chander ghat Police station, Y Prakash Reddy said, "A student went to school today wearing the Ayyapa Mala and Khandwa without slippers, to which someone from the management pointed out that kids can come without Khandwa also".
"Around 10 people went to school and spoke to the management, the matter was resolved. It was a misunderstanding", Reddy said. (ANI)