Robert Vadra during an interview with ANI. (Photo/ANI)
Robert Vadra during an interview with ANI. (Photo/ANI)

I do everything that a politician does without being in politics: Robert Vadra

ANI | Updated: Jun 08, 2021 18:31 IST

By Archana Prasad
New Delhi [India], June 8 (ANI): Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, has indicated his desire to be in politics and said he is always there for people and when the time comes he will "participate and represent people".
In an interview with ANI, Vadra said politics is part of his family and he has to deal with it every day.
"Yes, for sure, I do everything that a politician does, without being in politics," he said.
Vadra, a businessman, accused the BJP-led government of a political vendetta against him.

"This government is unable to differentiate between businessmen (me) and a politician. My family goes out and does good for the people and they (BJP) come out and trouble me in my business. And because they are troubling me, I engage with people," he said.
"People come to me and they see good in me. I reach out to them but not by politics but through my own means. I am always here for people when the time comes I will participate and will represent people who feel that I am capable of making a change and taking them ahead in the future. Politics is part of my family, so every day I have to deal with it," he added.
Vadra slammed the government over its handling of COVID-19 situation.
He also said that political rallies during the assembly polls earlier this year and panchayat polls in Uttar Pradesh contributed to the spread of COVID-19.
"I have seen total incompetence and people dying. The assembly elections, the spiritual rallies, the panchayat elections - all of this caused this disease to spread. Keeping people safe is more important than their votes," he said. (ANI)