Bahujan Samaj Party leader Jai P Singh
Bahujan Samaj Party leader Jai P Singh

If India is afraid of Modi, then he's afraid of Mayawati: BSP leader

ANI | Updated: Jul 17, 2018 15:17 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], July 17 (ANI): BSP leader Jai P Singh, who was removed from his party posts on Tuesday, slammed the BJP for playing vote politics in the name of "cow, river Ganga and cow dunk," and said that though the country is afraid of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he himself is afraid of BSP supremo Mayawati.
"If this country is afraid of Modi then Modi is afraid of Mayawati. There is nothing wrong with them. The problem is with the voters of this nation. They ask for votes in the name of cow, river Ganga and cow dunk,"Jai P Singh said while addressing a public gathering here.
"They say that make cow your mother. However, on other hand, they send their own mother to old age homes. No. A cow can be a good and innocent animal. She can eat less and give more milk, but a cow can never be anybody's mother. A mother is someone who has given birth to us," he added.
Besides BJP, Singh also criticised the Samajwati Party (SP) and the Congress while urging people to "stop begging."
"They say that we will give free laptop, mobile and internet data. They give wheat for Rs 2 per kg. But Mayawati says no, we will give you education and job and then you will not have to eat Rs 2 per kg rice as you can also afford to buy rice for Rs 200 per kg. Stop begging," he said.
Later, he claimed that Congress president Rahul Gandhi can never get successful in Indian politics.
"I can bet on this that Rahul Gandhi can never get successful in Indian politics. This country has only one alternative. That is Mayawati," Singh said while tagging her as "living goddess."
Singh asked people to make Mayawati as the Prime Minister of India and claimed that she will give arms to everyone in the country for self defence.
"Can you get armors in the name of Army? Without armors there can't be any Army. If you want arms then there is only one option, which is politics. Make Mayawati the Prime Minister of this country. Just like how she gave arms license to all in Uttar Pradesh, similarly she will allow arms to all for self defence and not to harm anybody. Mayawati is a living god," he said. (ANI)