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Union Home Minister Amit Shah at National Cooperative Conference (Photo/ANI)
Union Home Minister Amit Shah at National Cooperative Conference (Photo/ANI)

IFFCO's nano urea technology revolution for agriculture sector: Amit Shah

ANI | Updated: Sep 26, 2021 13:53 IST

New Delhi [India], September 26 (ANI): In the country's first National Cooperative Conference, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday appreciated the fertiliser cooperative IFFCO's use of nanotechnology to make IFFCO nano urea liquid.
Shah described the role of IFFCO in making the Green Revolution successful in the country and praised the world's first nano liquid urea manufactured by IFFCO.
Terming it a new revolution in the agriculture sector, he said "the entire cooperative community is appreciating this noble effort to change the agriculture sector for the benefit of farmers."

In the conference, the Union Home Minister said that a big company like IFFCO is making farmers partner in its net profit which is based on the core mantra of the cooperative.
IFFCO became a society in the year 1967 with 57 cooperatives. The society has more than 36,000 cooperative members today and distributes its dividends to about 5.5 crore farmers.
"Usually when a very big company makes a profit, a large part of it goes to the owner. But this is not the case in cooperatives. Whatever IFFCO will earn today, every pie will go to the homes of 5.5 crores of farmers and this is called cooperative," stated Shah. (ANI)