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IG bans loudspeakers from 10 pm to 6 am in Prayagraj after Allahabad University VC complains against 'azaan' on loudspeaker

ANI | Updated: Mar 19, 2021 09:06 IST

Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], March 19 (ANI): Responding to a complaint filed by Allahabad University Vice-Chancellor Sangita Srivastava seeking restrictions on use of loudspeakers early morning in mosques, Inspector General of Police, Prayagraj has asked the district magistrates in his range to ensure a ban on use of loudspeakers between 10 pm and 6 am.
IG KP Singh wrote a letter to district magistrates (DMs) and senior superintendents of police (SSPs) in the four districts that fall under the Prayagraj range, which cited that the ban will cover use of all loudspeakers and public address systems at public places.
Singh also asked officials to implement orders of the Supreme Court and the Allahabad High Court.
The letter directs DMs and SSPs to implement a ban in accordance with environmental laws and past court orders.
Responding to a plea filed by Afzal Ansari and two others versus the state of Uttar Pradesh and two others, the Allahabad High Court in 2020 ruled that no religion advocates use of loudspeaker for worship.

According to IG KP Singh, there is a ban in use of loudspeaker from 10 pm to 6 am, as per the pollution act. But in ceremonies like weddings, people can seek special permission of using loudspeaker till 12 am.
DMs, SSPs and officials of the pollution board will ensure that without permission nobody uses the loudspeaker beyond the permitted time. Apart from it, even in permitted time boundaries, one should use it in a certain volume.
Sangita Srivastava had written to the district magistrate urging for a ban on the using loudspeakers for 'Azan', citing a high court order in this regard, and stating that it disturbs her sleep and affects her work efficiency.
In her letter, Srivastava wrote that the call for morning prayers from the nearby mosque disturbed her sleep around 5: 30 am every morning, adding that she is not able to sleep after that and subsequently suffer from a headache throughout the day which affects her work.
The Vice-Chancellor urged the district magistrate to restrain the Civil Lines mosque from using the public address system for azan citing High Court orders in this regard. (ANI)