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Igloo stay attracts tourists in Manali. Photo/ANI
Igloo stay attracts tourists in Manali. Photo/ANI

Igloo stay in Manali attracts tourists, locals too!

ANI | Updated: Jan 16, 2020 17:03 IST

Manali (Himachal Pradesh) [India], Jan 16 (ANI): The igloo stay in Manali has become a new attraction for tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh.
Although igloos are often associated with Eskimos, they were traditionally used by the people of Canada's Central Arctic, Norway, and Greenland.
As the temperature in Himachal Pradesh is below freezing point, people from across the country have come here to get the experience of warm bedding in igloos which is built with snow.
"I had heard about Igloo and even read about it in books but never got a chance to stay there. For the first time, I have seen this here. So, I stayed here for a few days and the experience was great. At night usually, the temperature drops down to -10 degrees celsius. There are proper facilities for the people here and it is also an attraction for the tourists," Harish Thakur from Shimla.

"I have come from Ahmedabad. There is no place like this in India. Igloo is a great concept. People usually travel to other foreign places to experience the stay in an igloo but here they have created the same environment. I would suggest people to visit here," Dharmendra told ANI.
The owners say it is difficult to maintain the stay as it has to be maintained according to the temperature.
"Earlier, we used to make this for our own use. When we had to go for skiing in high mountains the tent was not sufficient. Later, we got the idea of making this for people visiting here. We carried out a proper study on the igloo and on what weather condition this can be built. It is difficult to provide facilities to people but we are trying our best," the owner told ANI.
The igloos are decorated with lights and the temperature inside the stay is much higher. (ANI)