Illegal Sri Lankan immigrant arrested in Tamil Nadu

ANI | Updated: Mar 16, 2018 18:49 IST

Dhanushkodi(Tamil Nadu)[India]Mar 16(ANI): An illegal Sri Lankan immigrant has been arrested in Tamil Nadu, said Tamil Nadu coastal police on Friday.

The police said 37-year-old Vijayakumar, who hails from Colombo, was arrested as he was preparing to leave for Colombo by a boat from Dhanushkodi.

He told the authorities that he had come to India more than ten years back and had been working in a private company in Chennai.

Investigations are underway as to how he landed in India and stayed here for so long without valid papers.

Further details are awaited in the case.

This comes two days after twenty-three Indians were arrested in Sri Lanka for allegedly working in the country while on a tourist visa.(ANI)