Indian Medical Association (IMA) President Dr JA Jayalal. (file photo)
Indian Medical Association (IMA) President Dr JA Jayalal. (file photo)

IMA lauds PM, other stakeholders for 100 cr COVID-19 vaccinations, says India will be corona-free soon

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2021 23:14 IST

New Delhi [India], October 21 (ANI): As India achieved the milestone of administering 100-crore COVID-19 vaccine doses on Thursday, the Indian Medical Association saluted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other stakeholders, saying that India will soon be Corona-free and get back to normal routines.
In a press release, signed by IMA president Dr JA Jayalal and Secretary General Dr Jayesh Lele, the IMA said, "COVID-19 struck us in an unprecedented way resulting in heartbreaking casualties of both public, nearly 2,000 doctors and many political leaders too. When many countries were staggering with more than 2.5 per cent mortality, India passionately obligated modern medical manpower and synchronized efforts of Union Ministry of Health, kept the mortality under 1.4 per cent throughout the pandemic."
The IMA said, "There were many challenges on bed availability, oxygen shortage, drugs and misinformation campaigns, but they were effectively managed by the proactive leadership of Prime Minister, the acme of accomplishment was the approval and roll-out of vaccination on January 16."
IMA continuously served hand-holding with the ministry and passionately worked extra hard to mitigate the vaccination hesitancy and today delighted to see 1 billion vaccinations is done, said the IMA.
The IMA saluted the government's efforts to provide the anti-COVID vaccine doses free of cost and thereby helping it to reach the 1 billion mark.
However, the IMA cautioned that "We have yet miles and miles to go, before we stand firm to say all our population is vaccinated".
The IMA also said that all its infrastructure and manpower is ready to reach out to the tribal population and people in hilly areas. "Now as more and more vaccines are available, it will be achievable for us to reach the target of vaccinating all eligible people before 2021," the statement reads.
Appealing people to follow COVID-19 protocols until India vaccinates the entire population, the IMA said, "Like in the past, India could successfully eradicate polio and smallpox by modern medicine and massive vaccination, the IMA is confident that India will be able to make India free from coronavirus and get back to the normal routines." (ANI)