Hizib Zargar (Photo/ANI)
Hizib Zargar (Photo/ANI)

Image Consultant helps youth in Kashmir to enhance professional, personal skills

ANI | Updated: Oct 01, 2020 15:20 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], October 1 (ANI): Hizib Zargar, who hails from Kashmir is helping youth here in enhancing professional and personal skills by providing personality development, communication, confidence and grooming sessions to them in the valley.
The Kashmiri woman, Zargar is an Image Consultant and a native of Kashmir who is a passionate communicator and is known for her presentation and communication skills in Kashmir as well as in Dubai where she had been living for seven years.
Zargar has completed her Masters from Dubai and she has even qualified Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (KAS- 2016 batch).
"My project has an aim...there is a lack of professional skills in Kashmiris. When I came back here, I realised that I should pursue my passion. I first prepare a graph of the person, about the thing he or she is lacking. It is a very important thing and takes a lot of mental work," Zargar told ANI.
"I do not force anyone to join my sessions. If people do not like the first session then they will not be forced to attend other sessions...it is basically for them, not me. I make people work on some exercises for two to three days and observe them. I make people prepare for their placements as well," she added.

After working with semi-government and government companies in Dubai she is carrying a vision to work for the betterment of the people of her Union Territory. Zargar has been using her set of skills for Kashmiri youths and she is known for successfully providing personality development, communication, confidence, self-belief and grooming sessions to various artists, anchors, entrepreneurs and students in Srinagar.
"She has groomed us for like three months. I had a stage and audience phobia and she helped me a lot to overcome that fear. I started the session in 2017 and today I am an actor. I have a production house of my own. Today I am handling 20-25 people in my team. She has helped me a lot to reach where I am today," said Junaid Hamid, a local actor.
Zargar is also known for enhancing their personal and professional skills like communication skills and behavior, dressing as per your body shape, roles and goals, personal grooming, wardrobe consulting (buying clothes in the cluster and smart shopping), appropriate body language and etiquette, corporate image, self-confidence and self-belief and many other things which can help to build the carrier of youths in Kashmir.
Zargar was earning a handsome salary from Dubai but she has a passion for doing something for Kashmiri youths.
She believes that the youth here have talent but they need some guidance. She also provides counselling to many youths. (ANI)