Youngsters at a jamming session in Kashmir
Youngsters at a jamming session in Kashmir

In bid to revive Valley's music industry, youth churn out music videos, post them on online platforms

ANI | Updated: Feb 19, 2021 16:10 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], February 19 (ANI): Youngsters in Kashmir are churning out professional music videos and uploading them on online platforms in an effort to revive the film and music industry in Kashmir Valley.
"Kashmir's music is very rich compared to many other states but our music industry is lagging behind the industries of those states. These young artists are doing everything themselves from writing lyrics to composing and editing these videos and then posting them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. If another exclusive platform is available for them and if their work is properly marketed, it will create a revolution in Kashmir's music industry," says Umar Nisar a Radio Jockey.
"If opportunity does not knock the door build that door", he shares his favourite quote.
The youngsters also collaborating with locals of Kashmir
Rishab Kakoo, a singer said "I have posted 18 music videos on Youtube of rap and other genres. My music is mostly of a western style. I do most of the work myself from writing lyrics to composition so as to reduce the budget to the best of my ability."

Jibran a Rapper and lyricist, " When I was young, I heard from my father and my grand father about film shooting of Bollywood cinemas in Kashmir. I have not seen any such shooting in Kashmir in my life."
The talented youth do not have a platform to showcase their talent in Kashmir, he says.
"I have been doing music videos in collaborations and as singles. I use the online platform to exhibit my talent after which those who are interested can collaborate with me," says Jibran.

Muhammad Arif an audio engineer shared his dream of wanting to work in music from childhood. "I learned a lot by collaborating with artists in Kashmir. There is an abundance of talent here," he says.
The youngsters are also giving opportunities to new faces to act in these videos and many actors and musicians have become popular in the Valley after some of their videos got good reception on online platforms. (ANI)