Businessman Robert Vadra
Businessman Robert Vadra

Incident being taken out of context, says Robert Vadra over his vehicle being challaned

ANI | Updated: Jun 25, 2021 15:46 IST

By Archana Prasad
New Delhi [India], June 25 (ANI): Congress president Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra, who was challaned by Delhi Police for "dangerous driving," on Friday said that he was not driving the car and the incident was being taken out of context.
Speaking to ANI Varda said: "Taking every incident out of context, I was not even driving the vehicle and I was sitting behind and working on the laptop. It was a very small crash," he said.
The incident occurred on Wednesday in the Nizamuddin area.
"I am very shocked and surprised to see this news everywhere. It was a simple incident which occurred around Nizamuddin, when I was taking right turn and we were not speeding or anything like that, we were just going in the normal direction. A taxi driver missed his turn (Barapulla turn) and started reversing."

Vadra said his driver had applied breaks on time so that his vehicle did not crash into the taxi and due to that the car with his security detail crashed into the rear of his car. "We parked the car on the side to see everyone is safe and okay," Vadra said.
Vadra further said that it was wrong and disturbing to label the incident as "dangerous driving."
"Whatever the challan and formalities are has to go through no matter who you are in the country but when I am not driving the car why I am being told dangerous driving and all. This is incorrect and wrong it should be stopped I don't want to be maligned," Vadra added.
According to the Delhi Police, the vehicle of Robert Vadra was challaned on Wednesday morning when he was on his way to his office.
"The vehicle of Robert Vadra was challaned under Section 184 of the Motor Vehicles Act (Dangerous driving). Vadra was going to his office on Wednesday morning with his security personnel. Suddenly his car was hit from behind after it decelerated," said the police. (ANI)