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India's first Digital Lok Adalat registers over 69 lakh cases across Rajasthan, Maharashtra

ANI | Updated: Aug 13, 2022 20:54 IST

New Delhi [India], August 13 (ANI): The State Legal Services Authorities of Rajasthan and Maharashtra on Saturday launched the Digital Lok Adalat in the respective states as part of the third National Lok Adalat of 2022.
The Digital Lok Adalat in Rajasthan constituted a total of 568 benches that registered a total of 5,62,295 cases out of which 2,28,863 were cases at the pre-litigation stage and 3,33,432 were pending cases before various courts of the state. In Maharashtra, a total of 63,99,983 traffic challan cases were registered with the Digital Lok Adalat.
Jupitice, which claims to be the world's first Justice Technology Company, hosted the event.
This Digital Lok Adalat, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain, was launched by the National Legal Services Authority Chairman and Supreme Court judge, Justice Uday Umesh Lalit during the '18th All India Legal Services Authorities' meet held in Jaipur in July.
This was the first time ever that the Lok Adalats were made end-to-end digital i.e. none of the events or tasks (from the filing of the case at the litigant level to award generation at the Judge level) in the Lok Adalat's process was conducted physically.

"The Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority (RSLSA) held multiple meetings with Jupitice's team to develop this customised Digital Lok Adalat Platform for the state. It is indeed a significant milestone in the history of the Indian Judicial System, given the rising case pendency across the country. This AI-powered Digital Lok Adalat, powered by Jupitice, has facilitated claimants to attend the hearings and pre-counselling session from the comforts of their homes," said Dinesh Gupta, Member Secretary, RSLSA in a press meet.
Historically, Lok Adalats have been known as one of the most efficacious tools for ensuring access to justice for all. However, the digital transformation of Lok Adalat makes it ergonomic, cost-effective and time-efficient for all stakeholder involved. It has not only improved the access to justice for all but has also facilitated the ease of justice in the country by digitally transforming both core and administrative processes involved in Lok Adalat.
Speaking on the launch, Founder and CEO of Jupitice, Raman Aggarwal said, "Today is the greatest day in the history of the Indian Justice System with its first digital Lok Adalat launched in collaboration with Jupitice. I am so happy that Digital Lok Adalat has not only increased the access to justice but also has brought the jurisprudence of peace in the settlement of disputes."
The Digital Lok Adalat is also packed with advanced data analytics tools, which will help gain deeper insights, perspectives, and trends on a real-time basis for better policy formulation and data-driven decisions.
"Digital Lok Adalat marks the most noteworthy milestone in the history of the Indian Judicial System. Undoubtedly, it reflects the Ease of Justice in its true essence. The magnitude with which the cases have been resolved today proves that it was a much-needed innovation for the judiciary," said Dinesh P. Surana, Member Secretary, Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority. (ANI)