NSA Ajit Doval speaking at DRDO directors conference in New Delhi on Tuesday. Photo/ANI
NSA Ajit Doval speaking at DRDO directors conference in New Delhi on Tuesday. Photo/ANI

India's security vulnerabilities going to be much more greater in times to come: NSA Ajit Doval

ANI | Updated: Oct 15, 2019 15:25 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 15 (ANI): National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval on Tuesday said that India's security vulnerability is "much greater" today and is going to be "much more greater" in times to come.
"India's security vulnerabilities are much greater today and they are going to be much more greater in times to come," said Doval while addressing the 41st conclave of Defence Research and Development Organisation's (DRDO) directors.
He said that historically, India has always remained a runner-up in terms of defence technology and in this field "there are no trophies for the runner-ups".
"The armies that were better equipped always called the shots and decided the destiny of mankind. They were always the one which had higher technologies. India's own historical experience on this has been sad. We were the runner-up. There is no trophy for the runner up," said Doval.
The National Security Advisor, who closely supervises DRDO's projects, said: "This is the game where the winner takes it all and there is no trophy for the runner-ups. Either you are better than your adversaries or you are not there at all."
He said that "technology" and "money" are two things that influence geopolitics and the countries who have preponderance on these two over adversaries will win.
"In the modern world, technology and money are two things, which will influence geopolitics. Who will win, will depend upon who has preponderance over their adversaries on these two. Of the two, technology is more important," he said.
"Niche technologies are something that give India more security. It has to be need-based. We along with our defence services and intelligence agencies have to make a hard assessment that what are our needs, which will give us an edge over our adversaries," he added.
"We are in the regime of distributed production. Probably nobody is making all the components of a system. We have to identify which are those critical technologies that we have to have control over and improve upon," he said.
"We should also know how to integrate a system as the capability of integration of a system is more important than probably mastering the whole system. For the integration of systems in India, except DRDO, no other organisation is capable. We also require to enhance our capacity for technology absorption," said Doval.
To bring home his point, the NSA also gave the example of young scientist Allan Turing and several other young scientists like him who were code breakers and made the difference between victory and defeat in the World War II. (ANI)