Indore man declares himself 'king' of his own 'kingdom' near Egypt

ANI | Updated: Nov 17, 2017 07:42 IST

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], November 17 (ANI): Suyash Dixit, a 24-year-old software engineer in Indore, has declared himself as the king of an unclaimed strip of 2072 square kilometers of land between Egypt and Sudan.

Self claimed King of this 'no man's land', Suyash has founded the idea of the first 'virtual governance of a kingdom' and named it as 'Kingdom of Dixit', which will be ruled online from India.

The piece of land which he is claiming to be the King is presently not under the authority of any country.

Suyash has claimed that he has also sent a mail to the United Nations, proclaiming the strip as a new country 'Kingdom of Dixit'. The UN, however, has not replied to his proclamation yet.

"I want to run a country on a community basis. I want to work for humanity in this Kingdom not for any religion. I went to the location which was adventurous and equally dangerous. I have designed a flag for my kingdom as well. We will provide free shelter to the people living in nearby areas to bring population to our kingdom," Suyash told ANI.

Reportedly, this Indore boy has received more than 800 applications from people across the world to be the citizens of his kingdom and has been receiving over a thousand friend requests on his social media website.

Suyash has also declared his father Rakesh Dixit as the prime minister and the army chief of this lifeless place. He has also designed a flag for his kingdom.

He has also appealed to all the nations in the world including India to help in providing basic facilities in this land.

"I am feeling very proud for my son. He was always so innovative. This place is going to be crime free and tax free," Suyash's father said. (ANI)