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Inflation based on CPI for farm, rural labourers eases in December

ANI | Updated: Jan 21, 2021 00:43 IST

New Delhi [India], January 21 (ANI): The inflation based on Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourers (CPI-AL)has dipped to 3.25 per cent while the Consumer Price Index for Rural Labourers (CPI-RL) dipped to 3.34 per cent due to a decline in the price of certain food items.
"Point to point rate of inflation based on the CPI-AL and CPI-RL decreased to 3.25 per cent and 3.34 per cent in December 2020 from 6.00 per cent and 5.86 per cent respectively in November 2020. Inflation based on food index of CPI-AL and CPI-RL is at (+) 2.97 per cent and (+) 2.96 per cent respectively in December 2020," the Labour Ministry said in a release.
Speaking about the latest index, Labour Minister Santosh said that inflation based on CPI-AL and RL "has dipped to 3.25 per cent and 3.34 per cent which is driven by lower food inflation mainly on account of decline in prices of pulses, onion, potato, cauliflower, brinjal etc"

The release said amongst states, the maximum decrease in the Consumer Price Index Numbers for agricultural labourers and rural labourers was experienced by Gujarat and West Bengal (-20 points each) respectively mainly due to fall in the prices of gur, onion, chillies green, vegetables, and fruits etc.
"On the contrary, the maximum increase in the Consumer Price Index Numbers for Agricultural Labourers and Rural Labourers was experienced by Meghalaya State (+2 points and +3 points respectively) mainly due to rise in the prices of pulses, mustard oil, fish dry, vegetables and fruits, firewood, plastic shoes, and bus fare etc," it added.
Director-General of Labour Bureau DPS Negi said that the decline in inflation will bring cheers to the millions of labourers working in rural areas as it will put the lesser burden on their pockets. (ANI)