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Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai (Photo/ANI)
Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai (Photo/ANI)

Inter-State Water Disputes Act needs to be totally amended to overcome narrow political considerations: Karnataka CM

ANI | Updated: Mar 05, 2022 16:42 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], March 5 (ANI): Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Saturday said that amendments should be made in Inter-State Water Disputes Act to overcome the narrow political considerations over water disputes and increase the availability of water for the people.
He also said that "River Basin Management" is the only solution to resolve this problem in the state.
Addressing the Southern States' Conclave of the 'Jal Jeevan Mission' and Swachh Bharath Mission(Rural) Projects, Bommai said, "The Inter-State Water Disputes Act needs to be totally amended to overcome the narrow political considerations over water disputes. River Basin Management is the only solution for this."
The Chief Minister said that it is the duty of the government to provide water for the people and everybody should work with consensus while dealing with the issues of water.
"Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is of the view that sustainable livelihood could be ensured with the supply of water and we should work together to make it a reality," he added.
He further advocated the need for efficient use of water in irrigation and said that there is a huge misutilization of water in irrigation water channels.

"At the national level, only 46 per cent of the capacity is being utilised through these canals. There is a difference of 55 per cent in the carrying capacity of the canals. More water could be made available if these canals are upgraded," Bommai stated.
There is a view that water is being allowed to go waste to the sea due to the lack of proper watershed projects, but we have forgotten the science of nature, he said.
Karnataka Chief Minister asserted that the seawater could evaporate and form rain only if about 30 per cent of sweet water flows into the sea to enable 60 per cent saline water to evaporate, so this simple truth should be considered while making our plans.
Assuring to put in efforts for time-bound implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission projects in Karnataka, Bommai said, "Of the 97.91 lakh rural households, tapped water has to be provided for 25 lakh households in the initial phase. The achievement has been about 18 lakh. The target of 25 lakh would be met within the next few months. More funds have been provided in the next budget for implementing the project. I am personally overseeing the project and it would be completed in time."
Further, Bommai said the rural and urban areas lack proper water supply systems. There is a need for a re-look at Water Management.
"Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister who has resolved to solve this problem. He has taken it up as a Mission, not as a project. We need to work on war footing to accomplish this mission," Bommai said.
"We have to resolve the problems locally. Being a developing country we have multiple strata in society. We have to formulate our project with an integrated approach," Bommai said. (ANI)