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J-K: Encouraging results of innovative initiatives of Department of School Education

ANI | Updated: Oct 05, 2022 23:07 IST

Jammu and Kashmir [India], October 5 (ANI): In Jammu and Kashmir, the initiatives taken by the government in terms of construction and development are yielding fruitful results in various sectors, which are also being well received at the public level.
Under the education">Department of School Education, according to the existing challenges and requirements, efforts are being made to make the educational standards in public schools equal to those of private schools.
Basic measures are being taken to make the traditional teaching and learning system in the public schools here compatible with the requirements of the present day. Special attention is being paid to adopting a new style. Thanks to these measures, not only government schools are proving to be effective for the poor quality of education, but positive changes are also taking place in the minds of the people.
This is well estimated from the fact that during the last three years, an increase of 14 per cent has been registered in the number of children enrolled in government schools. A program of the education">Department of School Education, 'Ao School Chale', a program designed to identify children who have left the educational journey incomplete or who stay away from schools for any reason, is proving to be a fruitful exercise. The ground level of which is yielding substantial results.
Dozens of children were enrolled in the government schools established in most areas of the valley under this program and many schools were also established in many far-flung areas. The teaching and learning process has been restored after 11 years in a government school established in a village called Tinga Poona, which is considered to be very fertile. Where people took out children from private schools and admitted them to the same school.
The teaching process was restored after 11 years in the Government Bize Primary School established in the village of Ting Poona, 2 km from the town of Pulwama Abdul Ahad Dar, a local citizen said.

This school was closed in the year 1993 due to which the children here were forced to go to private or other areas to study, which caused some children to miss out on education, but now the school has reopened. People, especially poor parents, have breathed a sigh of relief.
Initially, 53 children were admitted to the school, and this number is increasing. Belongs to a poor family and the private school was not able to provide education to the children. The said school was closed 11 years ago because there were no students there and the children were not attracted to the school. An attempt was made. This also reflects the provision of quality education in government schools.
Officials believe that many such schools are being rehabilitated while efforts are being made to reopen some "merged" educational institutions. The government made provision for the children of nomads and shepherds, who live with their parents for 6 to 7 months of the year, and who were behind in the field of education. However, the current government has paid more attention to this problem and established multi-seasonal schools for the summer in "Bahkoon" in order not to affect the education of the children in these classes and to enlighten these children with the light of education.
The administration has appointed highly educated and experienced youth as seasonal teachers. Earlier it was done as a joke in the name of salary to the teachers appointed in these districts due to which most of the youth were not showing much interest in this work. For the first time since 2019, the government has increased the salary of teachers from 4,000 thousand to 10,000 rupees, which has become an important tool in providing quality education to these children. On the other hand, they have also promised to provide rent for tents and other equipment, which is a really good step that is yielding positive results. It used to take a lot of time to deliver goods to the beggars and they didn't get anything.
The government has taken revolutionary steps to bring changes in the education sector in Jammu and Kashmir, especially since 2019 so that the children studying in government schools can be provided better education, most of them belonging to poor families or weaker sections of the society. Children are studying in these educational institutions.
Earlier in Jammu and Kashmir, the attention given to dropouts or non-enrolment in schools has not been given in the manner it should have been and as a result, this problem is becoming serious day by day. The problem began to take shape. In 2019, the government started separate programs for the functioning of various departments, due to which better results are coming out at the ground level, and also the encouraging results of the efforts of the school education department in Jammu and Kashmir.
They are coming forward because during a new enrollment campaign to bring children to schools, 'Ao school Chale Campaign' there has been a 14.5 per cent increase in enrollment in 2021-22 compared to 2020-21. According to official data from Jammu and Kashmir. An initiative of the School Education Department in various schools - search survey 1,65,000 students have been enrolled after this initiative. 2 million children have been surveyed and out of them 93,508 students have been enrolled. (ANI)