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Dasy Jan working on a Phiran (Photo/ANI)
Dasy Jan working on a Phiran (Photo/ANI)

J-K: Thanks to govt's scheme, 'Embroidery Lady' of Shopian shows the way in entrepreneurship

ANI | Updated: May 31, 2021 20:49 IST

Shopian (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], May 31 (ANI): The government's scheme of providing financial assistance to energetic and hard-working entrepreneurs has changed the life of a local woman of Bhorihalan village in Shopian and earned her the title of the "Embroidery Lady".
Dasy Jan, who has been embroidering for the past 6 years, did not have enough money to open her embroidery unit. But with the help of the Department of Handicrafts and Handloom, Dazy was able to get financial assistance of Rs 1.80 lakh.
She utilised the fund to purchase raw material and to finally set up an embroidery unit at her residence.
Lauding the efforts of the government, Dasy Jan said, "I wanted to earn my livelihood so I went to the handicraft department for help. The department offered me financial assistance of Rs 1.80 lakh. This amount helped me to set up my embroidery unit at home, and to buy raw material like cloth and embroidery thread."

Dasy Jan is now an inspiration for other female folks in the district who wish to be a successful entrepreneur like her.
"I believe that everyone should earn their own bread, and for that, learning a skill is a must", she added.

She pointed out that there is a demand for embroidered Phirans from Kashmir.
"People from all over the world demand embroidered Phirans from Kashmir, especially the ones with tilla work. Every time tourists come, they want to have one of these Phirans. Sometimes people contact me for supplying Phirans for their shops in Delhi too," she added.
Muhammad Syed, the Assistant Training Officer of the Department of Handicrafts and Handloom, Shopian said that Dasy had already registered for the Artisans Credit Card and Wearers Scheme, and was also well versed with the embroidery work.

"She was only in need of financial assistance. As soon as we completed the inspection of her papers, and made sure that she knew the work...we wanted her work to flourish since the area she belongs from is a poor one. The more she flourishes, the more people she can help employ people. So we sponsored her, and the bank granted her the loan", he told ANI.
Syed also told ANI that Dasy's work was known for perfection in and around Sophian. (ANI)