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Visuals from the spot (Photo/ANI)
Visuals from the spot (Photo/ANI)

Jaipur Film Festival: 'Hargilla' bags top slot in best documentary film category, 2205 films from 80 countries to be showcased

ANI | Updated: Jan 07, 2023 08:32 IST

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], January 7 (ANI): One of the leading International Film Festivals, the Jaipur Film Festival, which started on January 6 will showcase as many as 2205 films from 80 countries.
25 workshops, seminars, etc have been held so far during this five-day Film Festival.
Hargilla, the Greater Adjutant Stork has bagged the top slot in the Best Documentary Film category by Partha Sarathi Mahanta who is the Joint Commissioner of Police, Guwahati; produced by Meena Mahanta and Indrani Baruah, directed by Samujjal Kashyap and the sub-titling is by Joydeep Mazumdar.
It may be pertinent to mention in this context that Aparna Sen, a leading Bollywood actress of yesteryears have done the honours of handing over the Award to Partha Sarathi Mahanta, who has received the same on behalf of the entire team.

This documentary is based on the rapid deaths of the Hargilla, a phenomenon that is posing a serious risk to the extinction of the species. Hargilla is included in the list of the twenty most endangered species in the world.
Dadara-Pachoria areas of Kamrup District are generally the habitat of this bird, where Purnima Debi Barman, an eminent environmentalist, has been leading from the front for the protection of this endangered species in a very methodical manner, and this has been considered to be a very significant step towards its conservation. She has rallied the support of the local women folk and formed a dedicated group for the purpose, aptly named Hargilla Army.

In this mission, she received substantial help and cooperation from Partha Sarathi Mahanta, then SP, Kamrup (Rural), and under his leadership, the police administration of the district too extended all possible help. It had achieved the distinction of becoming one of the most successful conservation efforts worldwide.
The producer and director of this documentary have stated that the recent success of the film, based on the endangered species has been considered to be a vindication of the relentless and dedicated efforts the women of the areas have put in, for the conservation of the Hargilla.
Apart from the Jaipur International Film Festival, Hargilla has also participated in around seven film festivals viz. at Mumbai Short Film Festival, Delhi International Film Festival, Goa Film Festival, Pune Film Festival, Tagore International Film Festival, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (New York) and S.A.F.A. (Amination, Wildlife, Entertainment, Conservation), where it has been screened. This is, without an iota of doubt, a matter of pride for the Assamese people.
On the other hand, Partha Sarathi Mahanta has bagged the best award for direction for his animation documentary biopic LACHIT, The Warrior in the Jaipur International Film Festival.
Anupam Mahanta bagged the best award for creative direction for the same film, LACHIT, The Warrior. Besides, another fact that needs to be mentioned is that the poem, revolving around the legendary life of Lachit, the Ahom general, composed by Partha Sarathi Mahanta has received critical acclaim from all quarters in the film festival.
Lachit Barphukan, the Ahom general, who defeated the Mughals seventeen times, finally vanquished the Mughal Army in the decisive Battle of Saraighat.
The biopic documentary in animation traces the birth and noble ancestry of the general, his extraordinary valour, and an equally outstanding sense of self-dignity and love for his motherland, for which he beheaded his own uncle for dereliction of duty at a time when the battle was on! The legendary lore of Lachit lives on. The narration of the poem has been done by Dr Amar Jyoti Choudhury. The sub-titles for the poem have been written by Dr Jovial Kalita.
The music has been composed by Rupam Talukdar, the storyboard and illustration by Hrishikesh Bora, the animation jointly by Hrishikesh Bora and Ratul Dutta, and the composition and VFX, which has been done by Ratul Dutta specially made the documentary captivating. (ANI)