Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan (Photo/ANI)
Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan (Photo/ANI)

Janasena Party president inspects Nivar cyclone-affected areas in Nellore

ANI | Updated: Dec 06, 2020 03:17 IST

Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) [India], December 6 (ANI): Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan on Saturday inspected Nivar cyclone-affected areas in Nellore district and addressed people en route to Guduru.
"I came here to extend support to farmers. If the government does not respond to the immediate relief to every affected farmer, we have decided to launch a fasting protest," Kalyan said.
"The roads between Guduru and Tippavarappadu are in bad shape. It is not that we are travelling on the road it was as if we are travelling in the boat. An ambulance vehicle is seen on the way," he said while attacking the government.
"What happened if a person with a heart stroke or a pregnant woman is going for a delivery? People used to carry patients on dollies in agency areas. The condition of these roads is similar. Roads will be laid two days before the rain comes and they will be washed away in two days," he said.
"Where ever you see corruption is on the rise. They are earning money from the taxes we pay. Roads are seen only in front of the houses of the leaders, but they are not seen in villages. We won't keep quiet if you resort to attacks on Jana Sainiks while they are responding on people's issues," he said.

Pawan Kalyan unveiled a flag post of Janasena party at Tippavarappadu village. Earlier, he addressed the people at Guduru Clock Tower Centre.
He further said that leaders will spend crores of rupees for elections, but they won't take out even single rupee from their pockets for the welfare of the people. "They are filling up their pockets from the taxes we are paying," he said.
People in good numbers gathered in the main junction while holding banners stating that people of 30 villages including their village Guntapalli in Venkatagiri constituency are inflicted with diseases due to pollution caused by the dump yard managed by Coastal Waste Management.
Speaking on the occasion Pawan Kalyan said "People of 30 villages are facing hardships due to poisonous substances. Water and soil are becoming poisonous and showing an adverse impact on the people's health causing deaths. People of Raviguntapalli village expressed concern that cattle have been killing due to pollution. We will extend support to the victims by confining to Janasena Party's main principle - environment protection."
"We launch movement till the government concedes the demand after consulting with local Jana Sainiks and leaders. We are here to stay in support of the farming community. We demand the government that Rs 35,000 must be paid as compensation per acre to farmers who incurred losses due to cyclone and Rs 10,000 as immediate relief. Standing crops in 70,000 acres were damaged in Nellore district alone and we demand that income generated from liquor must be allocated for farmers as compensation," he said.
He also inspected the area where rainwater is overflowing from the old bridge on the national highway on the way to Guduru from Nellore. (ANI)