Customers selecting jewellery on the occasion of Dhanteras.
Customers selecting jewellery on the occasion of Dhanteras.

Jewellery shops in Mumbai welcome large number of customers on Dhanteras

ANI | Updated: Oct 25, 2019 19:24 IST

Mumbai [India], Oct 25 (ANI): On the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, the gold and jewellery shops of Mumbai witnessed a great number of customers buying ornaments for their loved ones on Friday.
Dhanteras is considered as an auspicious day to make new purchases and many Hindus believe that investing in yellow metal brings prosperity.
"The gold and jewellery we buy on this special day are considered to bring us good luck and fortune. After making purchases, we have to do pooja of our wealth to impress Goddess Lakshmi." said a customer to ANI.
However, the rise in the gold rates in the market has created discomfort among some customers following which the shops are witnessing a reduction in the number of jewellery buyers.
"The middle-class family is not able to afford jewellery as they are becoming too expensive. In 10 days, the rates have risen to 25 per cent, and a 10 gm gold costs nearly Rs 40,000. That is why it is difficult to buy jewellery for our family and loved ones," said Suresh Mukhadia, another customer.
Another customer suggested that people should buy gold as a personal investment due to daily rise in prices.
The first day of the Hindu festival Deepawali, Dhanteras is observed on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the Vikram Sambat Hindu calendar month of Aaswayuja in the Amaavasyanta Luni-Solar Calendar. (ANI)