SHO, Jawaha circle, Jaipur, Radha Raman (Photo:ANI)
SHO, Jawaha circle, Jaipur, Radha Raman (Photo:ANI)

Jewellery worth Rs 2 crore stolen from Jaipur hotel, victim family blames staff

ANI | Updated: Nov 26, 2021 23:32 IST

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], November 26 (ANI): Diamond jewellery worth Rs 2 crore went missing from the City hotel on Thursday night, said the Jaipur Police on Friday.
The victim family blamed the hotel staff for the theft.
Speaking to ANI, the Station House Officer of Jawahar Circle, Radha Raman said, "The couple has come here from Mumbai to get married. They had booked a room in Hotel Clarks Amer. They had gone to the marriage garden for the function. When they returned, the room did not open with their key and then it was opened with the master key. When they opened the locker to put inside jewellery, the diamond jewellery kept inside before was missing."

"The CCTV camera was checked. The initial information suggests the jewellery is worth Rs 2 crore. The hotel staff have been careless. They have been called for interrogation," the SHO said.
Speaking to the media, a member of the victim family, Rajshree accused the hotel staff of theft and said that the people on the reception and the hotel are to be blamed.
"I saw on the CCTV, a man was roaming there since morning until he stole the jewellery at night. He opened the door without the identification. He is given the key to the door whereas we were told that it is not their policy to make another key. He opened locker without identification. When we complained and the managers came, they were least bothered. It is all the people on the reception desk. Whosoever is on the desk, it is all a chain and they have done it, it cannot be the work of merely one person," she said.
"These people in the reception and the hotel are to be blamed. It was the owner's responsibility to come and handle the situation, he did not take any action," she added.
Further investigation into the matter is underway. (ANI)